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For those of you who are interested in finding gold in one of it's many forms, for example: gold jewelry, gold coins, gold nuggets etc. this new report teaches you how to even find lost or hidden gold right at home, no matter where you live in the world.

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If you want to find alluvial gold in large quantities, you have to find the ancient tertiary river channels. They exist throughout all of the western Americas, from Alaska to Chile. The vast majority of these deposits are still virgin and unexplored. This huge package over-delivers

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There are hundreds of billions of dollars just laying around abandoned. You can get rich by helping to return this money to the rightful owners with my e-book "How to Get Rich Finding Abandoned Money"

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The Treasure Hunter - by Howard Jennings. This terrific e-book is essential reading for all Explorers, Prospectors, and Treasure Hunters. It inspired me to be able to eventually make a comfortable, full-time living as an Adventurer. 173 pages 

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Before going in search of lost cities and treasures, the author was a private investigator and had his own agency and school. The investigative skills you will learn from this book will give you a huge advantage in treasure hunting, prospecting and exploration, as well as show you how to protect yourself and your business. It also includes 12 free special investigative bonus reports!



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